Ange Mukeza



#Wonderworld is a collaboration between the Artist and the public creating a series of paintings. Allowing the public access to the artist process through participation. Creating and processing our emotions and realities together. The project seeks to create a conversation between the artist and the public to explore what happens when the artist directly engages with their audience in the process of creating work.



Beauty for Congo

Beauty for Congo is a book project and artist residency that seeks to create conversation between artists across countries to explore what happens when art speaks into difficult and uncomfortable issues. The project highlights the issue of violence against women and the use of rape as a weapon of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The project is an investigation of Congolese artists and the innovative use of media and public engagement. The book will profile 20 new and emerging artists and conclude with an artist residency in Congo collaborating with local people to produce an art project that engages with the public in everyday community locations. This is an international project that is coordinated from London and works in partnership with artists and organisations in the Europe, United States and the Democratic Republic of Congo




Diversity Matters Exhibit zines 2016


Smellin' Salts Issue No.9 January 2014, Araf Collective London Zine

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